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Alex Trebek

Alex Trebek Is Actually Going to Be Moderating an Upcoming Political Debate

Alex Trebek Rapped on Jeopardy! and It’s Everything You’d Hope It Would Be

Woman Whose Dream was to be on Jeopardy! Dies of Cancer Just Before Her Episode Airs

Who Upended Anderson Cooper in Final Jeopardy to Win Big Last Night?

Cable News Stalwarts Battle It Out on Jeopardy This Week Beginning With S.E. Cupp, Chuck Todd Tonight

Trevor Noah: Trump’s Using His Yuge Dick to ’F*ck the Entire Republican Party’

And the Winner of Yesterday’s Jeopardy Is… No One

Jeopardy! Contestant Tricks Alex Trebek into Saying ‘Turd Ferguson’

CNN, NBC Hosts Reportedly on Short List to Replace Jeopardy’s Alex Trebek

Alex Trebek Threatened to Quit Jeopardy! over Stage Mom’s Tantrum

Jeopardy! Host Alex Trebek Believes in Man-Made Global Warming

Playful Jeopardy! Banter Takes an Incredibly Awkward Turn…

Was Alex Trebek ‘Racist’ Last Night on Jeopardy?

Jeopardy! Champ Under Fire for Daring to Have a Brain and Strategy

Alex Trebek In Hospital After Suffering Heart Attack

Olbermann Mocks Gretchen Carlson After Reminder Of Years-Old Jeopardy! Battle

Chris Matthews Explains His Hardball Reporting Method To Alex Trebek

Alex Trebek On Fox News Sunday: ‘I’ve Been Thinking About Retiring’

Chris Matthews, Anderson Cooper, Dana Perino, And Other Media Personalities Face Off On Jeopardy!

What Exactly Is Going On With Alex Trebek’s Pronunciation Of ‘Tobias Fünke’ Here?

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