Cable News Stalwarts Battle It Out on Jeopardy This Week Beginning With S.E. Cupp, Chuck Todd Tonight


This week on Jeopardy, you can catch many of your favorite (or least favorite, depending in your viewpoints of course) cable news analysts, personalities, and anchors compete in the 2016 Power Players Week. Alex Trebek and the Jeopardy team filmed the episodes in Washington D.C., and the winner of each game earns a minimum of $50,000 to the charity of his/her choice.

To kick things off, CNN’s S.E. Cupp is battling Meet The Press host Chuck Todd and novelist Jonathan Franzen on Monday night’s episode. The rest of the week also features an array of cable anchors competing as well.

The full schedule for the week is as follows, complete with credits and the charity that each person is competing for:

Chuck Todd
Political Director, “NBC News”; Host, “Meet the Press” – NBC
Charity: Samaritan Inns

S.E. Cupp
Political Commentator – CNN, NY Daily News, Glamour
Charity: No Kid Hungry

Jonathan Franzen
Best-selling Author – “Purity,” “The Corrections”
Charity: American Bird Conservancy

Anderson Cooper
Host, “AC 360°” – CNN
Charity: Spike’s K9 Fund

Lara Logan
Correspondent, “60 Minutes” – CBS
Charity: Committee to Protect Journalists

Michael Steele
Political Analyst, MSNBC; Host, “Steele & Unger” – Sirius XM
Charity: Catholic Charities Mona Center

Louis C.K.
Comedian, Actor, Director, Writer & Producer
Charity: Fistula Foundation

Kate Bolduan
Co-host, “At This Hour” – CNN
Charity: Free Arts NYC

Jonathan Capehart
Pulitzer Prize-winning Journalist, The Washington Post
Charity: Sasha Bruce Youthwork

Al Franken
United States Senator (D-Minnesota)
Charity: USO

Ana Navarro
Republican Commentator – CNN, “ABC News,” Telemundo
Charity: Operation Smile Nicaragua

Sunny Hostin
Senior Legal Correspondent and Analyst, “ABC News”
Charity: Bronx Children’s Museum

Melissa Harris-Perry
Professor & Editor-at-Large,
Charity: Girls for Gender Equality

David Gregory
Political Analyst – CNN; Author, “How’s Your Faith?”
Charity: Martha’s Table

Matthew Weiner
Series Creator/Executive Producer, “Mad Men”
Charity: Alexandria House

It’s tough not to notice that there is an impressive list of CNN personalities on the docket for the venerable game show; here’s hoping that they all fare better than their Turner compatriot Wolf Blitzer did in 2009 when he got smoked by comedian Andy Richter. All second and third place finishers are guaranteed to go home with $10,000 for their causes as well this week. All episodes of the Power Players Jeopardy specials were taped in front of a live studio audience at the DAR Constitution Hall in DC.

Check your local listings for Jeopardy’s air time in your area on ABC.

[image via Jeopardy Power Players site]

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