Who Upended Anderson Cooper in Final Jeopardy to Win Big Last Night?


This week, Alex Trebek is hosting a special edition of Jeopardy titled “Power Players” featuring many of the top names in politics and political media squaring off to earn money for charity. As we mentioned in this space on Monday, the week’s line-up is a virtual who’s-who from cable news, and CNN’s S.E. Cupp won big in the first episode over author Jonathan Franzen and Meet the Press host Chuck Todd.

Well on Tuesday night, the trio of Anderson Cooper, 60 MinutesLara Logan, and former RNC Chair Michael Steele battled it out under the watchful eye of everyone’s favorite Canadian game show host. The game was decided — as it always should — on the Final Jeopardy round. The category was “Countries of World,” and despite nailing the nerve-wracking last question, the AC360 host lost in the final seconds.

The question — “This country’s 2 main ethnic groups are Punjabi (who are also found in India) & Pashtun (also living in Afghanistan),” — was humorously botched by Steele, who asserted his response: “What is a place far, far away.”

Cooper answered correctly, identifying Pakistan as the country. However, despite taking the lead, he lost as Lara Logan also gave Pakistan as the response, wagering just enough money to take victory from Cooper’s claws.

For her win, Logan took home a purse of $50,000 for her charity of choice, Committee to Protect Journalists. Cooper was playing for Spike’s K9 Fund, while Steele represented Catholic Charities Mona Center. Each earned $10,000 to their charitable causes.

On Wednesday night, comedian Louis C.K., CNN’s Kate Bolduan, and Jonathan Capehart will appear on “Power Players”. Watch the above Final Jeopardy round from Tuesday night’s episode via ABC.

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