Andy Samberg

Golden Globes Gives Out Flu Shots: ‘If You’re an Anti-Vaxxer, Just Put a Napkin Over Your Head!’

How to Watch the Golden Globes Online

Watch Andy Samberg and Billy Eichner Attempt to Create Their Own ‘Suicide Squad’

Andy Samberg Returns to SNL With the Sexiest Osama bin Laden Song Ever

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Andy Samberg Will Host the 2015 Emmy Awards

Judd Apatow Is Producing a Lonely Island Movie

Andy Samberg Returns to SNL with Hilarious Rapid-Fire Impressions

Adam Levine’s SNL Monologue Parodies The Voice With Slew Of Celebrity Cameos

Andy Samberg Delivers Hilarious PSA About Why You Shouldn’t Eat People

Yes, Andy Samberg’s Harvard Graduation Speech Today Included A Nic Cage Impression

Romney And Former GOP Primary Candidates Drink And Sing Together On SNL

SNL’s ‘Sarah Palin’ Takes On HBO’s Game Change

Lindsay Lohan Plays Herself In SNL’s ‘Scared Straight’

Nicolas Cage And Nicolas Cage Appear On SNL Simultaneously, Tearing Hole In Fabric Of The Universe

Saturday Night Live Has A Message From Rick Santorum

Saturday Night Live Ends Show With A Lot of Electronic Sex

See SNL Host Robert De Niro Grind On P. Diddy While Dressed In Drag

“Shy Ronnie” Strikes Again In Super-Hot SNL Digital Short

Dispatches From The New Yorker Festival

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