Anthony Cumia

Former Opie and Anthony Host Anthony Cumia Arrested, Charged with Domestic Violence

Anthony Cumia Speaks Out on Firing, Reveals Which Conservative He Admires

Concha: TV Stars Like Bill Weir Need to Think More Before Tweeting

In PC 2014, Radio Rant Against Erin Andrews Yet Another Crazy Career Move

Opie on Anthony Cumia Firing: ‘We’re in a Sh*tty Position’

Anthony Cumia Defends Himself on Fox’s Red Eye: I Wasn’t Being Racist!

Anthony Cumia Will Be on Fox’s Red Eye Tonight

Adam Carolla ‘Feels Bad’ for Anthony Cumia: SiriusXM Has ‘Become the Man’

Anthony Cumia Shares Thoughts on an Opie and Anthony Show That Doesn’t Include Him

Anthony Cumia Deletes Practically Every Tweet He’s Ever Written

SiriusXM Fires Anthony Cumia for ‘Hate-Filled’ Twitter Rant

Radio Host Anthony Cumia’s Shocking Rant After Black Woman Allegedly Punched Him

Radio Hosts Opie and Anthony Call for ‘Revolution’ over Obamacare Cancellations

George Zimmerman’s Brother Pimping Comparison Of Trayvon Martin And Alleged Georgia Baby-Killer

Red Eye Tears Apart Salon’s David Sirota For Saying ‘Don’t Chant U.S.A.!’ At Olympics

Red Eye On Santorum Backer’s Bad Birth Control Joke: ‘Guerrilla Marketing By Bayer?’

Kirsten Powers Takes On Hannity’s Obama Criticism On Libya With Bush Diplomacy

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