Arnold Schwarzenegger

Schwarzenegger Rips ‘Little Fanboy’ Trump: Did You Ask Putin ‘For an Autograph or a Selfie?’

Schwarzeneger Calls Out Trump on Coal: Are You Going to Bring Back Blockbuster Too?

Arnold Schwarzenegger Bodies Scott Pruitt: ‘If You Don’t Have A Problem’ With Contaminated Water, ‘Drink It’

Arnold Schwarzenegger Says the GOP Is ‘Dying’: ‘I See It Like the Titanic’

Trump Hits Arnold Schwarzenegger For ‘Bombing’ On The Apprentice: ‘My Poor Beautiful Show!’

Schwarzenegger to Nazis: ‘Your Idols Are Resting In Hell’

Chuck Lorre Took a Ratings Shot at Trump After Last Night’s Big Bang Theory

WATCH: Schwarzenegger Mocks Trump’s Approval Ratings: ‘Who is Advising You?’

Former Schwarzenegger Spox Casually Tweets About ‘If’ Governator Ran For Senate

Report: Arnold Schwarzenegger is Thinking About Running for Senate in 2018

Arnold Schwarzenegger on Why Trump Continues to Tweet About Him: ‘I Think He’s in Love With Me’

You Should Hire a ‘Fact Checker’: Schwarzenegger Responds to Trump’s Claim He Was Fired From Apprentice

Arnold Schwarzenegger, Citing Trump, Says He Won’t Return to Celebrity Apprentice

Fox News’ Broadcast of O’Reilly’s Trump Interview Beats Out NBC’s Celebrity Apprentice

Following Trump’s Latest Dig at Him, Schwarzenegger Taunts the President Over Tax Returns

Jimmy Kimmel Mockingly Takes Trump’s Advice and Prays to the Lord For Schwarzenegger

‘That’s Not an Onion Headline’: Jake Tapper Comments on Trump Asking for Prayer for Ratings

Trump’s Prayer Breakfast Remarks Were ‘Beautiful’: Spicer Bats Away Apprentice Joke Criticism

Schwarzenegger Suggests He and Trump Switch Jobs So ‘People Can Finally Sleep Comfortably Again’

Trump Uses National Prayer Breakfast to ‘Pray for Arnold’ Over ‘Total Disaster’ Apprentice Ratings

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