Brad Blakeman

Fox News Panel Gets Tense After Guest Says Obama Has ‘Mommy Issues’: It’s the Holidays, You’re ‘Better’ Than That

WATCH: Fox News Debate Rages After Ex-Bush Staffer Rips Obama For Saying We Live in ‘Strange Times’

Trump Tweets About Fox News Segment During Government Shutdown: ‘Working Hard!’

Bolling, Guests Gauge GOP War on O’Reilly: Is ‘John McBoehner’ Surrendering to Dems?

Fox Guest Fights Bob Beckel: Gov’t Shutdown ‘Did Tea Party a Huge Favor’

O’Reilly Clashes with Tea Party Head Over Defunding Obamacare: ‘Not Going To Happen’

Dem. Advisor Dropkicks Ex-Bush Aide Over Obama’s Trayvon Comments: ‘I Don’t Know What You’re Smoking’

Fox Pundits Erupt Over Whether Republican Efforts To Link Obama To Scandals Is ‘Desperate’

Megyn Kelly Guests Take On Whether Boston Investigations Will ‘Go The Way Of Benghazi’

Fox News Panel Clashes Over Who Sold More Access To The White House, Obama Or Bush

Fox Panel Takes On Colin Powell: ‘Why Would You Consistently Call Yourself A Republican?’

Megyn Kelly Panel Gets Into Heated Battle Over Obama Attending ‘Anti-American’ PSY’s Christmas Concert

Megyn Kelly Battles With Democratic Guest Over Obama Appearing On The View Instead Of Meeting With World Leaders

Fox Panel Battles Over Whether Americans Are Better Off After Four Years Of Obama

Fox’s Bipartisan Panel Slams Russell Simmons For ‘Hyperbolic’ Attacks Against Paul Ryan

Megyn Kelly Panel Guests Clash During Enlightening Gun Control Debate

Megyn Kelly Shouts At Panel About Obama And Romney Campaigns: ‘They Lie! They Lie!’

Megyn Kelly Brings On Former Bush Staffers To Take On Obama’s bin Laden Ad

Megyn Kelly Panel Clashes Over Suggestions For New Obama Slogan

Megyn Kelly Panel Clashes Over Clinton’s Comments On ‘Extremists’ & Women: ‘Inappropriate’ For Diplomat

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