Beyoncé Surprised a Teenage Fan Fighting Cancer With a FaceTime Call

Tomi Lahren: Lack of Outrage Over Samantha Bee’s Comments Proves the ‘Hypocrisy of the Left’

DeRay Mckesson Uses Strange Breast Cancer Metaphor to Call ‘All Lives Matter’ a ‘Distraction’

WATCH: After Donating Hair to Cancer Patients, Little Boy Gets Cancer

Senator Claire McCaskill Reveals She Has Breast Cancer

‘There Are No Words’: J.K. Rowling and Other Celebrities React to Alan Rickman’s Passing

Obama’s SOTU Cancer Line Is Eerily Similar to The West Wing

Terminally Ill Star Wars Fan Gets His Wish for an Early Screening of The Force Awakens

Star Wars Cast Backs Fan’s Dying Wish to See The Force Awakens Early

Tim Tebow’s Surprise Visit to Cancer-Stricken Superfan is Awesome

Some Orthodox Jews, Christians Claim Jimmy Carter’s Cancer Is Divine Punishment

Jimmy Carter: ‘I Have Cancer’

Bernie Sanders Once Blamed Cervical Cancer on a Lack of Orgasms

Maryland Gov. Larry Hogan Announces He Has Advanced Cancer

WaPo, Wired, and Gawker Slam NY Times for Pseudoscience on Smartwatches Causing Cancer

Woman with Brain Cancer Chooses the Day of Her Death

‘I Am at Peace’: Anchor Shares Heartbreaking Cancer News with Viewers

‘Charity Work!’ Ron Burgundy Returns to Stand Up to Cancer

Cancer Research Foundation Rejects Reddit Donations Made over Nude Photos

Donald Sterling Has Prostate Cancer, Reports Say

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