Carlson: Imagine If Anyone Said About Muslims What Clinton Aides Said About Catholics

Pope Francis Comes Under Heavy Criticism for Comments on ‘Null’ Marriages

Bill Donohue: Obama Shows ‘Contempt for Catholics’ by Inviting LGBT Guests to Pope Visit

Catholic Priest Believes Demon Is Texting Him

Fox’s Tantaros: NY Times ‘Profiting Off Bigotry’ with Atheist Ad?

Catholic School Principal Apologizes for Using Photo of ‘Poor Role Model’ Ellen

Archbishop Sells Mansion After Spending $2.2 Million of Church Funds to Build it

Coulter on CNN: The Pope Might Make a Better CNN Host Than a Pope

Andrew Sullivan Calls Out Catholics: If You’re Okay With Divorce, Gay Marriage Shouldn’t Be A Problem For You

Bill O’Reilly: Why Aren’t Christian Leaders More Outraged Over The War On Christmas™?

Kirsten Powers: ‘Obviously There Is A Bias’ In Media Not Covering Catholic Insurance Lawsuits

Catholic Priest Disowns Santorum’s Satan Comments As ‘Not Catholic’ To O’Reilly

Chris Hayes Digs Up 2008 Santorum Speech Stating Protestants Are ‘Gone From The World Of Christianity’

Glenn Beck Launches ‘We Are All Catholics Now’ Movement

Sarah Palin Calls President Obama’s Contraceptive Mandate An ‘Un-American Act’

Jon Stewart On Birth Control Opponents: ‘Liberty For Employers, Employees Can Go F*ck Themselves’

Hannity Panel Goes Off On Nicki Minaj For Her ‘Performance’: ‘Imitating Madonna’

Lawrence O’Donnell: Gov. Rick Perry ‘Is Married To The Idea’ That Catholicism Is ‘A False Cult System’

Newly Episcopalian “Father Oprah” Lands English-Language Talk Show

Fox’s Megyn Kelly Hosts Doritos&#0153 Versus Catholic Church Debate

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