Lara Trump Defends Trump TV ‘Real News’ Segments: ‘It’s Not Propaganda Because It’s True’

Pat Robertson Weighs in On Eric Bolling — And It’s as Bad as You Think

Spicer on Off-Camera Briefings: ‘We’re Not Here to Make It a Spectacle’

Trump’s First Non-Fox News Interview in Two Months Is With CBN’s Pat Robertson

Christian Broadcasting Network Ponders If a Woman in a Tight Dress is Somehow ‘Less of a Christian’

Ted Cruz Lies Right to Christian Journalist’s Face About ‘Tithing’

Ben Carson: ‘I Feel Fingers’ of God Touching Me, Telling Me to Run in 2016

Luke Russert: ‘Very Easy’ for Media to Mock and ‘Come After People of Faith’

Pat Robertson: Democrats Now ‘The Party Of Gays, Godlessness, And Whatever Else’

Democrats Reportedly Drop All References To ‘God’ In 2012 Party Platform

Pat Robertson: President Obama Is Inciting Occupy Wall Street Protestors To ‘Revolt’

Herman Cain Owns His Foreign Policy Experience: ‘Don’t Know The ‘President Of Ubeki-beki-beki-stan-stan’

Religious Scholar? Donald Trump Claims The Koran ‘Teaches A Very Negative Vibe’

Stephen Colbert: All Newt Gingrich Really Wants To Do Is ‘Screw America’

Sarah Palin Appears To Support GOProud’s CPAC Appearance In CBN Interview

Christine O’Donnell: I Looked At Politically Incorrect As A Way To Share My Faith

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