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Cecile Richards

Former Planned Parenthood President on Michelle Wolf’s Abortion Joke: Not ‘a Topic I Make Jokes About’

Planned Parenthood Chief: Jared and Ivanka Offered What Felt ‘Like a Bribe’ to Get Us to Stop Abortions

Cecile Richards Tells People: We Need ‘More People in Office Who Can Get Pregnant’

‘It’s Going to Take Every Single One Of Us’: Planned Parenthood Prez Rallies Troops to Stop AHCA After It Passes House

Ivanka Trump Had a Secret Meeting with the President of Planned Parenthood

Planned Parenthood Gave Out Donald Trump Condoms as Party Favors at DNC

Exclusive Video: Rising Hip-Hop Star Lizzo Performs at Planned Parenthood’s Private DNC Bash

Exclusive Video: Cecile Richards Speaks at Private Planned Parenthood DNC Bash

Planned Parenthood Head: Women Voting for Cruz Like ‘Chicken Voting for Colonel Sanders’

Cecile Richards Dances All Over Planned Parenthood Video Scammers

100 Women Are Live Streaming Their Abortion Stories Right Now as Political ‘Speak-Out’

Erick Erikson: Abortion Providers Should Be ‘Thankful’ That Planned Parenthood Shooting ‘Is A Rare Event’

Judge Orders Jindal to Reinstate Planned Parenthood Funding

GOP Rep. Grills Planned Parenthood Prez: If You Did Nothing Wrong, Why Apologize?

Planned Parenthood Supporters Need to Stop Blinking at ‘Shocking’ Videos

Third Video Shows Planned Parenthood Director Standing Over Dead Fetuses Discussing Prices

Filibuster Hero Wendy Davis Dares Texas To Draft Her For Run At Governorship

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