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Online Activists Slam Comic Book Icon Stan Lee Over Buxom Superheroines Tweet

Be Honest: How Many Times Have You Seen the Viral Video of the Lady in the Chewbacca Mask?

Listen to an 8-Year-Old Call Newspaper Editor a ‘Sh*thole’ for Cutting His Sunday Comics

Creators of Archie Comics: Archie Will Die Saving Gay Friend

Calvin and Hobbes’ Bill Watterson Makes Surprise Return to Comic Strips

Homophobic Group That Protested Ellen Now Taking On New Ultimate Evil: Archie Comics

President Obama’s Campaign Releases First-Ever ‘Truth Team Tip Sheet’

Prepare For The ‘Outrage’: Archie Comics To Feature A Gay Wedding

Cue Outrage: Superman To Renounce U.S. Citizenship In New Comic

Presenting Mediaite’s Ultimate Super Meta Media Bracket Bracket

Keith Olbermann Reports On Alien Life Discovery, Totally Pwns NASA in Star Trek Knowledge

This Exists: Barack Obama And Sarah Palin To Appear In Archie Comic

This Exists: The Military Explains DADT In World’s Most Boring Comic Ever

Fox News Accuses Wonder Woman Of Losing U.S. Roots (Ignoring That She’s Not American)

Meet Kevin Keller: Archie Comics’ First Openly Gay Character

John Mulaney, Greer Barnes, Fabrice Fabrice — It’s Comedy Night on Google!

ABC News’ Ahmadinejad Translator? An Iranian Jewish Stand-Up Comic

SNL Shakeup: Michaela Watkins and Casey Wilson Get the Axe

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