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Dem Congresswoman Maxine Waters Declares That Putin Invaded ‘Korea,’ Instead of ‘Crimea’

Pence Says Trump Knew That Russia Invaded Crimea. Here’s What Trump Actually Said.

Report: Trump Chairman Manafort Helped ‘Lay the Groundwork’ for Russian Invasion of Crimea

Trump Surrogate on CNN: ‘Russia Did Not Seize Crimea’

Russian Prime Minister’s Twitter Gets Hacked: ‘I’m Resigning’

Steven Seagal Puts on Concert in Crimea for Pro-Russian Separatists

Russia Censors News Site for the Most Ironic Reason

Bad Ideas in Oligarchy: Biden’s Son Joins Board of Ukrainian Energy Company

Today in Commemorative Crap: George H.W. Bush Socks and Putin Crimea Coins

McDonald’s Pulls Out of Crimea Due to Russian Annexation

Steven Seagal Wants to Move to Russia to Be with Putin, His Lifelong Friend

Harry Reid Partly Blames Russian Invasion on GOP Obstruction

Putin Formally Annexes Crimea with the Signing of a Bill

Obama Announces Harsher Russian Sanctions, Urges Congress to Pass Ukrainian Aid

Dana Perino Blows Up on Bob Beckel: ‘That’s Baloney!’

Shots Fired as Russian Forces Storm Ukrainian Military Bases in Crimea

Biden Denounces Crimean Annexation: Russia ‘Stands Naked’ Before the World

Putin Gives ‘Defiant’ Speech in Support of Crimean Annexation

White House Rejects Crimean Vote, Calls Russia’s Actions ‘Dangerous and Destabilizing’

Crimea Overwhelmingly Votes to Join Russia as World Condemns Election

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