David Plouffe

‘Never Been as Wrong On Anything On My Life’: David Plouffe Reacts To Election Results

Clinton Advisor Dismisses, Attacks Polls Showing Her Losing Ground to Donald Trump

David Plouffe: Trump Is the ‘Heaviest’ Presidential Candidate Since Taft

Chuck Todd Scolds Ex-Obama Official Plouffe For Calling Donald Trump ‘Psychopath’

Benghazi Report: Even State Dept Officials Were Horrified by Susan Rice’s TV Appearances

Obama Advisor David Plouffe Joins Uber to Combat Taxi Lobby ‘Assholes’

WH Advisor Mocks GOP Candidates: They ‘Don’t Pledge Allegiance to All the Crazy’

Attkisson: There’s a ‘Well-Orchestrated Strategy to Controversialize’ Benghazi

David Plouffe: GOP Controlled by ‘Loud, Delusional Minority’

Ingraham To Liberals On Benghazi ‘Politicization’: ‘You Guys Are Masters at This. It’s Fox News’ Fault’

Kristol: ‘No Democrat Running for Reelection’ Believes Obamacare’s Working

David Plouffe Sounds ‘Screaming Siren’ Warning Dems They Face Another 2010 in Midterms

S.E. Cupp Challenges David Plouffe on Obamacare Report: ‘This Spin on This Is Incredible’

Mediaite Sunday Show Round-Up: Healthcare.Gov is Kinda Sorta Working Edition

David Plouffe Predicts Obama’s Approval Rating Will Recover: ‘People Trust This President’

David Plouffe to ABC: GOP Plan to Run Against Obamacare an ‘Impossibility’

Not So Grand: Behind Rep. Darrell Issa’s Three Auto Theft Accusations

‘Mr. Grand Theft Auto’: Ex-Obama Adviser David Plouffe Trashes Ethically ‘Loose’ Darrell Issa

Rove Tears Into Huffington And Plouffe Over IRS Scandal: ‘Why Were Only Conservative Groups Targeted?’

Obama Campaign Manager David Plouffe Joining Bloomberg TV As Contributor

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