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Chuck Todd Confronts Ex-Obama Chief of Staff: Did You ‘Choke’ on Russia?

Obama WH Chief of Staff: I’m Proud That We’ve Been ‘Historically Free of Scandal’

Tapper to WH Chief of Staff: Is Obama Concerned About Trump Legitimacy Questions from Democrats?

White House Offers Peace Offering of Doughnuts, Reporter Responds With Sick Burn Instead

Wallace Grills Obama Chief of Staff on Exec Actions: What Happened to the Constitution?

WH Chief of Staff: We Can’t Pretend Netanyahu Didn’t Make ‘Troubling’ Remarks

Schieffer Questions WH Chief of Staff on Perception Obama ‘Doesn’t Care’ about ISIS

WH Official: Chief of Staff’s Naming of ISIS Hostages Not ‘Constructive’

WH Chief of Staff Dismisses Netanyahu ‘Spat in Our Face’ Comments

WH Chief of Staff Accidentally Reveals First Name of ISIS Hostage

Wallace Grills McDonough: Shouldn’t Obama ‘Scale Back Agenda’ after Midterms?

Obama Chief of Staff Takes Responsibility for Decision to Skip Paris March

Denis McDonough to Chuck Todd: Obama ‘Shocked’ at Ray Rice Assault

ABC’s Raddatz to White House Chief of Staff: Are We at War with ISIS or Not?

Fox Host to McDonough: Did Admin ‘Threaten’ Sotloff, Foley Families Not to Deal with ISIS?

Fox’s Roberts to WH Chief of Staff: Why Isn’t Obama Stopping ISIS’ ‘Thug with Knife and Camera’?

President Met with Kathleen Sebelius 18 Times Before Rocky Obamacare Rollout

David Gregory to Obama Chief of Staff: Is President ‘Going Small’ on 2014 Agenda?

Rothman: Pundits’ Desperation for Obama to ‘Do Something’ Yields Worst Advice Ever: Fire Everyone

McDonough Denies ‘Irrefutable’ Evidence Against Assad: ‘This is Not a Court of Law’

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