Dzokhar Tsarnaev

Feds Seek Death Penalty for Boston Marathon Bomber

‘Go To Hell’: Disturbed Vocalist Condemns Rolling Stone For ‘Glorifying The Acts Of A Terrorist’

‘The Bomber’: New Rolling Stone Cover Gives Boston Terrorist Dzhokhar Tsarnaev The Rock Star Treatment

The Boston Marathon Bombing Is Coming To A Theater Near You…

Surveillance Video Shows Tsarnaev Brothers Working Out At Gym Days Before Boston Bombing

On Fox & Friends, Conservative Die Hard Actor Waxes Nostalgic For Racial Slurs, Amos And Andy

Please Don’t Judge All Caucasians By The Actions Of A Few

Dershowitz: Either Tsarnaev Will Plead Out Or Use The Trial To ‘Martyr’ Himself And Publicize Militant Views

Former FBI Agent Tells Fox News Anchor That Debate Over Miranda Rights For Boston Bomber ‘Irrelevant’

Lindsey Graham On Bombing Suspect: ‘I Could Care Less About The Trial, I Want To Gather Intelligence’

NY GOP’er Wishes Tsarnaev Would Face Torture, Fantasizes About ‘Me, Osama Bin Laden, And A Baseball Bat’

Harris-Perry: Bombers’ Muslim Faith As Relevant To Bombing As Ben Affleck Movies About Violence In Boston

Bill Kristol And Jane Harman Battle: Should America ‘Prove To The World’ Tsarnaev Deserves Civilian Justice?

Lindsey Graham: ‘A Citizen Can Be An Enemy Combatant,’ And Tsarnaev Should Be Treated Like One

Megyn Kelly Guests Clash Over ‘Enemy Combatant’ Designation For Suspect: ‘This Is The Ultimate Act Of Terror’

‘Talent, Guts And Glory’: Watertown Police Chief Tells CNN The Riveting Story Of Bombing Suspect Capture

Maddow Questions Miranda Rights Exception In Bombing Arrest: ‘American Citizen Will Face American Justice’

Boston’s Back: Impromptu Watertown Heroes’ Parade Punctuated By Profane Verbal Spat

Gov. Deval Patrick: Boston Area Lock Down Is Lifted, Residents Can ‘Return To Living Our Lives’

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