Elizabeth Colbert-Busch

‘This Scares Me To My Core’: Colbert Has A Meltdown Over His Sister Losing South Carolina’s Special Election

MSNBC Contributor On Why No Reporting On Stephen Colbert Sister’s Arrest: ‘I Don’t Know’

‘She Went There’: Sanford Pretends Not To Hear Colbert-Busch’s Dig About His Affair During SC Debate

Because, Why Not? Watch Mark Sanford Debate Life-Size Poster Of Nancy Pelosi In South Carolina

Is This The First Vine Attack Ad? GOP Targets Colbert-Busch With Terrifying 6-Second Loop

CNN Battle: Does Stephen Colbert’s Campaigning For His Sister Help Or Hurt Her Candidacy In South Carolina?

Stephen Colbert Goes To Battle With MSNBC’s Joe Scarborough…

Stephen Colbert Sister Elizabeth Colbert-Busch Leads Mark Sanford In SC Congressional Race

Stephen Colbert’s Sister Wins S. Carolina Dem Primary, Mark Sanford Advances To GOP Runoff

Colbert Drops Character, Delivers Hilarious Introduction For Sister At Bowling Fundraiser

Colbert Tells Fallon He Hopes His ‘Ridiculous’ Profession ‘Doesn’t Sully’ His Sister’s ‘Good Character’

Elizabeth Colbert-Busch Opens Up To O’Donnell About Her Famous Brother And Her Campaign

Colbert Refuses To Endorse His ‘Intelligent, Hardworking, Compassionate’ Sister’s Congressional Campaign

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