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Chris Cuomo Offers ‘Dose of Facts’ in Response to Trump Admin Claims About Booming Economy

#FactsFirst? CNN’s Don Lemon Reads Letter To Trump Then Weeps On Air

CNN’s Scottie Nell Hughes Clarifies ‘No Such Thing’ As Facts Comment

Scottie Nell Hughes Straight-Up Said ‘There’s No Such Things’ As Facts

Bachmann Hits Gingrich For Being ‘Condescending’ To Her During Debate On Meet The Press

Wait, What? Family Ties Mom Slams Mrs. Garrett From Facts Of Life At TV Land Awards

MSNBC’s Cenk Uygur Doesn’t Read Chart That Says ‘Black Separatists’ Are A Hate Group

Meet the Press 2.0: New HD Set, and New Accountability Demanded By New Web Group

Fact-Check or Die! Why News Media Survival Depends On Checking The Facts

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