The Real Biker Chicks


REAL BIKER CHICKSThe SNL sketch “Biker Chick Chat” from last weekend’s season opener got a lot of attention thanks to newcomer Jenny Slate’s F-bomb. But what didn’t get attention: the frickin’ bikes, dude! Though they swore up a storm and had very impressive hair, I’m not convinced they could tell their Harley Davidson V-Rods from their Kawasaki Vulcan VN750s (or Vincent Black Lighting ’48s, for that matter). As it happens, we at Mediaite are totally into bike culture — as I’m sure you would have assumed — and we noticed the dearth of actual bike chat immediately, ’cause we’re good like that. But it’s also because we learned at an early age that bikes were C-O-O-L. As it happens, Biker Chicks are too — and here’s our pick of the best of ’em.

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Cycle Sluts From Hell
Michelle Pfeiffer in Grease 2
Dykes on Bikes
The Mini-Skirt Mob
Chopper Chicks in Zombietown
Pravda, La Survireuse
Cindy McCain
She-Devils on Wheels
Audrey Hepburn in Roman Holiday
Jo from Facts of Life
Pinky Tuscadero
Angelina Jolie in Tomb Raider
Jenny Slate, FTW

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