Rush Limbaugh: Desperate Obama Has Gone ‘Back To The Graveyard To Dig Sarah Palin Back Up’

Limbaugh: Desperate Obama Has Gone 'Back To The Graveyard To Dig Sarah Palin Back Up' 

As we all know, HBO (like every television channel eveeeeeeer) is secretly working for the Democratic Party. That’s why the second season of Game of Thrones will be entirely about the attempt to bring a public health insurance option to the kingdom of Westeros (SPOILER WARNING!). It’s also why they’ve joined forces with a desperate Barack Obama in dredging up the rotting horse corpse that is Sarah Palin attacks. That, at least, is the argument Rush Limbaugh put forth today.

And, you want to know the best part? My horse corpse metaphor really isn’t too far off from the colorful language he used.

Limbaugh was speaking about the video that Obama’s re-election campaign released that strangely seemed to imply that Palin was still relevant. Limbaugh proposed that this was part of a planned two-pronged attack in conjunction with the HBO film Game Change all designed to distract Americans from the real issues.

“They need a demon. They always need a demon. They must have a focus of evil. I suspect their new one is Sarah Palin. Ladies and gentlemen, Barack Obama — or a PAC, I forget which. I’m not sure. I’ve got the sound bite here and I’ll get to it before the program ends. Barack Obama is running a re-elect ad against Sarah Palin who is not running. So it’s time now for them to have a new demon. In this case, they’ve got to go back to the graveyard, dig Sarah Palin back up.”

I’m of two minds about this.

On one side, I agree that it’s ridiculous for Obama’s team to be talking about Palin. Both parties would be better off if that woman stayed back in 2008 alongside the song “I Kissed a Girl” and NBC’s attempt to reboot American Gladiators.

With that being said, Palin is still going on television and she is still making strange claims like Obama wanting to go back to Pre-Civil War Days and quotes like that do still cause wealthy liberals to throw money at Obama’s campaign by the handfull. So I understand why they did it.

Really, I don’t know what to think. The only thing I’m sure about is that a movie featuring Palin as an evil, zombified demon attacking people would be a thousand times better than Game Change.

And I liked Game Change!

Listen to Limbaugh’s clip below:

(h/t Daily Rushbo)

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