George Stephanopoulos

GOP Rep. Peter King Roasts President for ‘Shielding’ Saudi Arabia… President Obama, That Is

Reporter on This Week Fawns Over Beto O’Rourke: ‘You’re a Rock Star’

Sen. Hirono Rips Kavanaugh for ‘Bizarre’ Behavior, Suggests FBI Probe Could Become ‘Farce’

Stephanopoulos Grills Sarah Sanders: Why Does Trump Always Take Side of the Man Accused?

Sarah Sanders Refuses to Say Trump Won’t Fire Rod Rosenstein

Trump Attorney Jay Sekulow Says ‘Bad Information’ Led to False Statements on Trump Tower Meeting: It Happens

Dan Abrams: Trump Revoking Security Clearance of His Critics Would Be ‘Shameful’

Rep. Adam Schiff: Trump Acts ‘Like Someone who is Compromised’ by Putin

Dan Abrams and Alan Dershowitz Clash Over Whether Enquirer Faces Legal Danger For Squashing Trump Affair Story

Giuliani Reveals Trump Did Ask Comey to Give Flynn ‘A Break’, Despite President’s Prior Denials

Michael Cohen Reportedly Ending Joint Defense Agreement With Trump

Former Trump WH Official on Border Crisis: ‘Terrible Optics for the Administration’

George Stephanopoulos Lands Interview With Trump, His First Broadcast Sit-Down In Over a Year

Chris Christie: If President Trump Were to Pardon Himself, He’d Be Impeached

Dan Abrams: ‘Not a Scintilla of Evidence’ FBI Informant Spoke to Trump Campaign Members ‘For Political Purposes’

Jimmy Kimmel Pulls Out a Chalkboard To Analyse Rudy Giuliani’s ABC Interview

Guiliani Snipes at George Stephanopoulos Ties to Clinton: ‘You Know a Few Presidents’ Who Lied to Press

Michael Avenatti Gleefully Mocks Giuliani’s ABC Interview: ‘I Can’t Believe That Actually Just Happened’

Rudy Giuliani On Whether Trump and Cohen Paid Off Women Other Than Stormy Daniels: ‘If it Was Necessary…’

Ronan Farrow: Hillary Clinton Tried to Cancel Interview Because I Was Reporting on Weinstein Story

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