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George Will

George Will Goes Off on Trump: ‘He’s Barely on Speaking Terms With the English Language’

Cenk Uygur Knocks MSNBC Over George Will Hire

George Will Joins NBC News, MSNBC as a Political Contributor

George Will: Trump’s ‘Dangerous Disability’ Could Have Serious Consequences on the Country

Chris Matthews Has Questions: Can Trump Be Impeached For Being a ‘Know-Nothing’?

How I Would Program A Conservative TV Network Despite Being A Skeptic

George Will Thinks Fox News Will Be Just Fine: ‘O’Reilly is Replaceable’

Lou Dobbs: George Will Seems to Be on ‘Personal Jihad’ Against Trump

George Will: Trump ‘Objects to Truth That’s Inconvenient’ to Him

Fox News Cuts Prominent Conservative Contributors George Will, Stacey Dash, and Others

George Will: Trump Delivered ‘The Most Dreadful Inaugural Address in History’

O’Reilly: George Will Is ‘Undermining’ Trump by Criticizing the Carrier Deal

George Clooney Tells Chris Wallace It’s ‘Odd’ That He Suddenly Agrees With Bill Kristol Politically

George Will Thinks That Trump Won’t Release Tax Returns Because of Link to Russians

Bill O’Reilly: ‘I Destroyed’ George Will

Colbert Mocks George Will For Leaving the GOP: Look Out Political Parties, ‘He’s Single!’

Bill Kristol Isn’t Ready to Leave the GOP Like George Will Did

‘Good Riddance’: Huckabee Slams George Will for Leaving the GOP, Rejecting Trump

O’Reilly on George Will Leaving the GOP: Does Anyone Care?

Memo to George Will, Bill Kristol, and All GOP ‘Never-Trumpers’: Good Riddance!

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