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Trump Slams Germany Amid Border Policy Outcry: Migrants ‘Violently Changed Their Culture’

Don Jr.: ‘Let’s Not Jump To Conclusions’ on Muenster Crash, But It ‘Doesn’t Sound Like a Simple Accident’

Several Dead In Germany After Vehicle Crashes Into Group of Pedestrians (UPDATE)

Trump to Nominate Fox News Commentator Richard Grenell as Ambassador to Germany

German Police Seized Thousands of Ecstasy Tablets in the Shape of Trump’s Face

NBC News Reporter Gets Absolutely Soaked by Water Cannon While Covering G20 Protests

Watch: German Police Engage in Maritime Standoff With Greenpeace

Gutfeld Slams ‘Dirtbag’ Bill de Blasio For Joining Protests in Germany: ‘What A Horrible Little Man-Child’

WATCH: Protestors Swarm Hamburg, Clash With Police Following Trump Arrival

Judge Jeanine Pirro: ‘One Million African Migrants’ Heading for Europe

Watch Donald Trump Successfully Shake Angela Merkel’s Hand

‘Talk a Little Bit of Sh*t’: Protestor Rips Trump, Drops On-Air Expletive in MSNBC Rant

Spicer Says President Trump’s Relationship With Angela Merkel is ‘Fairly Unbelievable’

Trump Fires Back at Merkel: Germany ‘Very Bad For U.S.’

Germany’s Angela Merkel Indicates Europe Can No Longer Rely on the United States

Gary Cohn Clarifies Trump Comment: Germans Are ‘Very Bad on Trade,’ No Problem With Germany

Ivanka Breaks With Dad: Says U.S. Accepting Refugees Must be ‘Part of the Discussion’

CNN Analyst: Is Ivanka Going to Be ‘Serious Enough’ About WH Role or Keep Reverting to ‘Daughter Mode’?

Ivanka Trump Sparks Groans and Hissing at Women’s Conference in Germany

This Cloud Literally Rains Tequila

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