Global Warming

Jimmy Kimmel Enlists Little Children to Explain ‘Global Waming’ and Climate Change to Trump

Chris Cuomo and Don Lemon Mock Trump Over ‘Global Waming’ Tweet

Trump Mockingly Asks What Happened to ‘Global Waming’ After Record Cold in Midwest

Former GOP Rep. Slams ‘Horrible’ Trump Administration Climate Report on CNN: It’s By ‘Scientists That Get Paid’

If Liberals Really Want to Persuade Conservatives ‘Global Warming’ is Real, They Need to Read This

Blue Checks See Red Over Green Policy CNN Panel with Rick Santorum: ‘They’re Literally Aiding and Abetting Genocide’

Rick Santorum Says Climate Scientists ‘Driven by Money’, Applauds Trump For Dropping Climate Report on Holiday

CNN Meteorologist Fact Checks Trump’s Global Warming Tweet: ‘Climate is Long-Term,’ Not a Day

Trump Mocked for Tweet Asking ‘Whatever Happened to Global Warming?’: ‘Thankful We Aren’t All This Dim’

Trump Swipes at ‘Fake News,’ Mockingly Asks ‘Whatever Happened to Global Warming?’ in Thanksgiving Eve Tweets

Watch a Climate Expert Totally Trap Tucker Carlson: If Global Warming’s Not Real, Why Call Out Private Jet Fliers?

Tucker Carlson Clashes With Climate Change Activist: You’re Focused On ‘Your Own Moral Virtue!’

Trump on Frigid Weather: ‘Perhaps We Could Use a Little Bit of That Good Old Global Warming’

Stevie Wonder: You ‘Must Be Blind or Unintelligent’ To Not Believe in Global Warming

‘You’re Doing A Disservice’: Bill Nye Rips CNN For Having Climate Change Skeptic On

Al Gore Likens Trump EPA Chief to Flat-Earthers: He’s Denying ‘Most Basic Scientific Truth’

EPA Administrator Rejects Climate Change: ‘I Would Not Agree That It’s a Primary Contributor to Global Warming’

Hey News Media, If ‘Climate Change’ is Causing Droughts, Why Do They Keep Ending?

New White House Website Scrubs All References to Climate Change

The Weather Channel Publicly Calls Out Breitbart For Claiming Global Warming Isn’t Real

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