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Watch Liberals Support the GOP Tax Plan… After Being Told It Came From Bernie Sanders

Al Franken Rips Trump, GOP In Final Floor Speech: ‘We’re Losing The War For Truth’

Nicolle Wallace Slams GOP For Slinging Mud at FBI: ‘It Makes Me Crazy’

For the GOP, Trump is A Lot like Santa, But What Should We Be Teaching Our Kids about Him?

Chuck Todd: Surprising That the GOP’s ‘All In’ on Praising Trump So Soon After Roy Moore Fracas

CNN’s Acosta: ‘This Is the Happiest the Republican Party Has Been… All Year’

Trump Celebrates Tax Bill Passage Surrounded by Republicans: ‘Always a Lot of Fun When You Win’

BREAKING: Senate Passes GOP Tax Reform Bill 51-48

Sen. Susan Collins Slams ‘Unbelievably Sexist’ Media Double Standard in Tax Bill Coverage

Wolf Blitzer Pushes Back After Bob Corker Vents About Interview: I’m Asking You Fair Questions

Health Care Activist Battling ALS: Lindsey Graham ‘Ran Away’ When I Confronted Him on Tax Bill

Watch Katy Tur and GOP Rep. End Bonkers Tax Segment By Asking Each Other How Much They Make

BREAKING: House Passes GOP Tax Bill

Fox’s Trish Regan Dumps on GOP Tax Bill: ‘Founding Fathers Never Anticipated a Swamp’ Like One Today

Senator Bob Corker Didn’t Read the GOP Tax Bill He’s Voting For: ‘I Never Saw the Text’

Despite Low Poll Numbers, Trump Plans on Campaigning For GOP Candidates During Midterms

Herman Cain on the GOP Tax Plan: ‘It’s Not 9-9-9 But It’s Fine, Fine, Fine’

Trump: Tax Cuts ‘Will Mostly Benefit the Middle Class,’ Create Growth of ‘4, 5, Maybe 6%’

Bombshell Reports Reveal Why Rep. Trent Franks Announced His Resignation So Abruptly

Joe Walsh Slams Fox News and Republicans For ‘Despicable’ Attacks on Mueller: ‘Bullsh*t’

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