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Trump Slams Russia Allegations in Fiery New Tweets: ‘This Story is FAKE NEWS and Everyone Knows It!’

‘I Haven’t Seen Him This Pissed Off in a Long Time’: Newsmax CEO Says He Spoke With Trump on Wiretaps

‘I Can Deny It’: Former Director of National Intelligence Says No FISA Wiretap Court Order Against Trump

Donald Trump Falsely Claims Intelligence Director Told Him Russia Report Was ‘Fictitious’

Intel Chief Releases Statement After Speaking to Trump: I Expressed ‘Profound Dismay’ at Leaks

Sen. John McCain: ‘Every American Should Be Alarmed’ by Russian Hacking

James Clapper Confirms Russia Was Behind Fake News During 2016 Election

Obama Warns Trump to Keep Intelligence Briefings Secret: ‘Start Acting Like President’

U.S. Intelligence Officials Don’t Trust Trump With Classified Briefing

U.S. Intel Head: We’re ‘Not Ready’ to Say Russia Was Behind DNC Hack

Intel Chief Rejects Paul Ryan Request to Deny Hillary Classified Intel Briefings

Paul Ryan Asks Intelligence Community to Deny Clinton Classified Briefings

President Obama ‘Confident’ CIA Can Safely Brief Donald Trump

Intel Chief Clapper: 2014 Was ‘Most Lethal Year for Global Terrorism’

U.S. Intel Head Pretty Sure Which North Korean Official Ordered Sony Hack

WSJ: Secret Videos Showing Bergdahl’s Deterioration Led to Prisoner Swap

Clapper: Media Can Now Only Report News ‘Authorized’ by Intel Officials

Rothman: Will Russian Invasion of Ukraine Expose Snowden as It Has RT?

Clapper: Had NSA Been More ‘Transparent’ Post-9/11, You’d Probably Support It

Rand Paul: ‘Appropriate’ That Snowden Should Serve a ‘Few Years in Prison’

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