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Sen. Inhofe to S.E. Cupp: Comparing Niger to Benghazi ‘Makes Me Physically Sick’

GOP Senator Defends EPA Cuts: They Are ‘Brainwashing Our Kids’

NBC Reporter: GOP Senator’s Hands ‘Tightly Clasped’ When Pope Mentioned Environment

The View Bashes GOP Sen. Inhofe’s ‘Moronic’ Snowball Stunt

Senate Votes 98-1 to Affirm Climate Change Is Not a Hoax

‘What Are You Talking About?’: Tapper Grills Sen. Inhofe on Climate Change Denial

Colbert Sums Up GOP on Climate Change: ‘We Don’t Know What the F*ck We’re Talking About’

Climate Denying Senator Inhofe Will Soon Chair Environment Committee

GOP Sen. Bashes Gates: He Waited Too Long to Be ‘Honest with the American People’

GOP Sen. Inhofe: Obamacare Could Have Killed Me

GOP Senator: ‘We Don’t Have the Assets’ to Support Syria Intervention

Rep. King Calls Out Fellow GOP’er’s Oklahoma Tornado Relief ‘Hypocrisy’

Fox’s Brit Hume: ‘Stupid’ For GOP To Think Of Impeaching Obama Over Recent Scandals

Impeachy Not-So-Keen: Sen. Susan Collins Also Doesn’t See Impeachment Over Benghazi

GOP Sen. Says Obama Admin ‘Hurt’ Newtown Families: Gun Debate Has Nothing To Do With Them

A Flabbergasted Maddow On GOP Filibustering: ‘Congratulations! You Won Nothing!’

GOP Senator Suggests Obama Would Like To Get Rid Of Military Altogether

Sen. Inhofe Tells Soledad O’Brien Not To Worry About Ted Nugent, Bobby Kennedy Poses ‘Real Threats’

Rachel Maddow: Sen. James Inhofe’s War With The FAA Is Really About His Horrible Flying

GOP Sen. James Inhofe: Supporting DADT Repeal Promotes ‘Open Gay Activity,’ ‘Abortions’

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