James Rosen

Matt Schlapp Gets Skewered on Twitter For Bogus Comparison of Trump-Obama Media Outrage

Ex-Fox News Correspondent James Rosen Reportedly Left Following Harassment Allegations

Veteran Fox News Reporter James Rosen is Leaving the Network

WH Reporter to Sanders: Why Does Trump Find Moore Allegations ‘Troubling,’ But Not Claims Against Him?

Fox’s Rosen to McMaster: Do You Think ‘Publicly Humiliating’ Kim Jong Un With ‘Rocket Man’ Is Helpful?

DOD Investigators Say Pentagon Non-Citizen Recruitment Program Poses ‘Potential Security Risks’

Fox’s Rosen to Pence: Shouldn’t Trump Have a Firmer Basis for His Wiretapping Claims?

Not ‘Ransom’ – ‘Leverage’? Fox’s James Rosen Grills State Dept Spox Over $400M Iran Payment

Obama’s Message to Americans: You Can’t Handle the Truth

Reporters Grill White House Into ‘Admitting’ Hillary Clinton is Under ‘Criminal Investigation’

Fox’s James Rosen: Obama Admin. Has ‘Authoritarian Impulse,’ Animus Towards Me and Fox

Fox’s Rosen: Does Obama Endorsement Create Conflict of Interest Over Email Investigation?

Fox News Reporter Grills White House Over ‘Edited’ Iran Briefing Transcript

CNN’s Blitzer Grills White House Spox on Deceiving Reporters: ‘That Was a Lie, Right?’

Former State Dept Spox Offers Suspiciously Specific Denial About Video Edit

State Dept Spox Personally Thanks Fox News For Uncovering Briefing Video Deletion

State Department Admits They Deleted Damaging Admission From Briefing Video

State Department Blames Deletion of Damaging Video on a ‘Glitch’

State Department Appears to Edit Briefing Video to Remove Admission of Falsehood

Michelle Fields Reduced to Political Pawn as All Sides Involved in Sordid Situation Share Blame

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