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Tapper Calls Out Sarah Sanders: ‘One of The Most Shocking Things I’ve Ever Heard From That Podium’

Greg Gutfeld Slams CNN’s Jeff Zeleny For Saying Trump Lacks Empathy: ‘Shameless Opportunist’

CNN’s Jeff Zeleny: I’m Struck By How Little ‘Empathy’ Trump Has Shown For Harvey Victims

CNN’s Jeff Zeleny: Sources Claim Scaramucci Was Escorted Off the White House Property

Republicans Seething at Trump: ‘Playing With a Firetruck and Trying on Cowboy Hat As Bill Collapsed’

Anderson Cooper Hits Sean Spicer for Repeated Dodge of ‘I’ve Not Asked the President About That’

CNN’s Zeleny on Saudi Arabia Speech: It’s Like Candidate Trump, President Trump Are Different People

CNN’s Zeleny on Spicer Saying Last Week Trump Has Confidence in Comey: ‘Was Sean Lying?’

‘Excuse My Breath’: CNN’s Jeff Zeleny Is Literally Breathless Reporting on Comey ‘Bombshell’

‘We’re Hearing the Beginning of a Walkback’: CNN’s Jeff Zeleny on Trump’s Wiretap Claims

REPORT: Trump Signed Off On Phone Checks of White House Staffers to Catch Leakers

‘That Was Stunning’: Brooke Baldwin Reacts to Spicer Saying Trump Believes Millions Voted Illegally

CNN’s Jeff Zeleny Asks Spicer What Trump’s Voter Fraud Claims ‘Mean for Democracy’

CNN’s Jeff Zeleny: ‘Hard to Imagine’ Obama Commuting Manning’s Sentence if She Wasn’t Transitioning

Person Trump Retweeted in Anti-CNN Tirade Claims President-Elect Edited His Tweet First

Watch CNN Reporter Feed Bernie Sanders Attack Lines Against Hillary

CNN Reporter: Hillary’s Story About Signing Up for the Marines ‘Seems So Unusual’

CNN Host Cracks Up After Hearing Bill Clinton Was ‘Very Interested’ in Katy Perry Concert

CNN Reporter: Clinton Tax Returns Prove ‘Dead Broke’ Comment Untrue

Dems Likely to Fully Participate in Benghazi Hearings: Report

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