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Reebok Mocks Trump For His Comments to Brigitte Macron, Twitter Mocks Reebok In Return

Nancy Grace Storms Out of Interview, Tells The View She ‘Almost Started Crying’

What a Trainwreck: Amy Schumer Offers to Take Polygraph to Prove She Didn’t Steal Jokes

Jim Norton Rails Against Outrage Culture, Defends Phil Roberton’s ‘Stupid’ Opinions

Comedian Jim Norton on Trevor Noah Backlash: ‘Mob of Self-Centered Narcissists’

Who Will Replace Greg Gutfeld as Red Eye Host?

Opie on Anthony Cumia Firing: ‘We’re in a Sh*tty Position’

Comedian Jim Norton: MSNBC a ‘Groveling, Awful, F*cking Hunk of Sh*t Network’

Comedian Jim Norton Defends Baldwin, Slams MSNBC Hypocrites and ‘A**hole’ Sharpton

Red Eye Guests Trash ‘Disgusting’ Media For Never Asking, ‘What Did We Do To Contribute To’ CT Shooting?

Red Eye’s Andy Levy On Bill Maher: All He Has Going For Him Is Outraging People

Brian Kilmeade Hilariously Defends Romney’s Wealth Against Comedian Jim Norton: ‘Mitt Romney Started With Nothing!’

Jim Norton On Weiner Pic Release: ‘Andrew Breitbart Was Furious’

Breitbart To Spitzer: Opie And Anthony Co-Host ‘Assure[d] Me There Are No Cameras’

Greg Gutfeld Outlines His Islamic Gay Bar Plans On Last Night’s Red Eye

Adam Carolla on Mistresses Gone Wild in 2009: “You Bitches Have Gotten Out of Hand”

Ventura On Afghan War: Does Obama “Really Run The Country?”

Leno Comic Serves Up Bland, Stale Twitter Jokes

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