Joe Trippi

CNN Panel Gets Heated Over Immigration: Don’t Be ‘Cavalier’ About the Suffering of Black and Brown People!

GOP Strategist Rick Wilson: Trump Supporters ‘Want Anybody Who’s Darker Than a Latte Deported’

Howard Dean’s Campaign Manager Says ‘Reality Is Setting In’ for Bernie

Chris Wallace, Rove Appear On-Air Dressed as Cowboys Because F*ck It

Fox’s Gretchen Carlson Shuts Down Democrat’s Attempt to Bring Up Bundy

Dem Strategist on Fox: Where Was ‘The Left’ ‘Denouncing’ MSNBC’s Offensive Tweet?

Dem Guest to Megyn Kelly: WH Has Huge ‘Credibility Problem’ on Obamacare, Can’t ‘Spin Their Way Out’

Hannity Unloads on Dem Over Obamacare: If You Think This Helps Obama, ‘You’re on Drugs!’

Hannity Clashes With Dem Strategist Joe Trippi Over Obama’s Costly Africa Trip

Bill Cunningham And Hannity Get In Shouting Match With Dem Guest: IRS Was Actively Working To Re-Elect Obama!

Karl Rove Responds To Sarah Palin’s CPAC Thrashing, Rips Her For Quitting As Governor

Hannity And His Panelists Have Yelling Match Over Whether White House Is ‘Covering Up’ Events In Libya

Kirsten Powers To Fox Panel: Dems Adopting Gay Marriage On Party Platform Could Hurt Black Support

Dem Strategist And Tea Party Head Clash Over ABC’s False Report On Hannity

Karl Rove Compares Romney’s Leave From Bain To Steve Jobs’ Medical Leave From Apple

Symbolizing White House Shake Up, Fox & Friends Puts Admin. Officials On Giant Chess Pieces

Tucker Carlson Challenges Outrage Over Obama Muslim Poll On Hannity: ‘Are Liberals Anti-Muslim?’

From Glenn Beck To Nancy Pelosi: Experts Propose Time‘s Person Of The Year

Results Are In And Many Agree: Fox News Offered More Balanced Election Coverage Than MSNBC

Tea Party 2.0? Impressive List Of Bloggers Call For Obama ‘Question Time’

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