CNN Panel Praises Elizabeth Warren’s Campaign, Says ‘Her Message is a Lot Like President Trump’s’


On CNN Tonight with Don Lemon, political consultants Mark McKinnon and Joe Trippi both complimented Sen. Elizabeth Warren’s 2020 presidential campaign and said there were a lot of similarities between her message and that of President Donald Trump.

“You said that ‘Her message is a lot like President Trump’s’,” Lemon pointed out to McKinnon at the outset of the segment. “What do you mean by that?”

“I’m looking as a consultant,” McKinnon explained. “She has a lot of energy and a clear message and a good narrative. What I mean by that, you know, there’s a conventional wisdom among all the Republicans, including and especially Donald Trump that they would on love to take on Elizabeth Warren. Think of what her message is really at its core and that is the diagnosis is: ‘The system is rigged and you are getting screwed.’ That’s exactly what Donald Trump said. She just has a different cure and a different cause for the same problem. So, it will be a lot of people economically depressed, blue collar people out there in America, who understood Trump’s narrative, which was very much like that. He just blamed immigrants and had a different cure: building a wall. She has a different approach and a lot of people will say ‘You know what? His approach didn’t work. Maybe hers will.'”

Lemon pointed to Warren’s reversal after a rocky start to her campaign: “Now, objectively to most political consultants, they will tell you she is running the most disciplined campaign out of the entire group.”

For his part, Trippi agreed.

“I think she has been running the most disciplined campaign and shown the most growth,” Trippi said. “She is, the candidate I think, who is doing the better job of directly connecting with her supporters. And that is something that Trump did as well. She’s doing it very effectively. And the style of her campaign, and the way, where she is coming from, comes from completely different, she has values, we, you know, I agree with Mark, they are very, she is coming at it from the same place [as Trump], but with completely different value structure and I think, and she is connecting in a way other candidates aren’t. She is going to continue to grow, I think.”

Watch the video above, via CNN.

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