John Kelly

Trump: John Kelly Was ‘So Offended’ That Rep. Wilson Was Listening to Call

Rep. Frederica Wilson: ‘The White House Itself Is Full of White Supremacists’

Tapper Calls Out Sarah Sanders: ‘One of The Most Shocking Things I’ve Ever Heard From That Podium’

Rick Wilson Goes Off on Ben Ferguson in Heated Clash Over Trump: You’re ‘Defending the Indefensible!’

CNN Panel Slams Sarah Sanders: The Suggestion ‘No One Can Question Gen. Kelly’ Is ‘Dangerous’

Reporters Battle Sarah Sanders Over Kelly-Wilson Feud: ‘He Was Wrong Yesterday!’

WATCH: Video Surfaces Disproving Kelly’s Attack on 2015 Rep. Wilson Speech

Rep. Wilson Hits Back at Kelly: ‘He Can’t Just Go on TV and Lie on Me!’

Don Lemon Blasts Trump For Sending Gen. Kelly ‘Out to Defend His Bad Behavior’

Trump Goes After ‘Wacky Congresswoman’: Was ‘SECRETLY on a Very Personal Call!’

Rep. Wilson Fires Back After Gen. Kelly Press Briefing: ‘Kelly’s Trying To Keep His Job’

Gen. Kelly: The Sacredness of Gold Star Families ‘Left in the Convention’ Last Summer

John Kelly: I Was ‘Stunned and Broken-Hearted’ by Rep. Who Slammed Trump’s Call to Military Widow

John Kelly: ‘Not a Criticism’ That Obama Didn’t Call My Family After My Son Died

Scarborough: Trump Has No ‘Shred of Humanity’ After Using Kelly’s Dead Son For ‘Cheap Political Shot’

Richard Painter on Trump Politicizing Death of Kelly’s Son: ‘No Understanding of Human Emotions’

Sarah Sanders: Gen. John Kelly ‘Disgusted’ by Politicalization of Son’s Death

CNN’s Tara Setmayer Battles Ed Martin Over Trump’s False Obama Claims: ‘This Is an Asinine Argument!’

Nicolle Wallace on Trump Invoking John Kelly’s Son: Is ‘Anything Sacred’ Anymore?

Anonymous White House Official ‘Confirms’ That Obama Never Called Kelly

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