John Kerry

John Kerry Slams Trump for McGurk Tweet: ‘Pathetic’ and ‘Demoralizing to Public Servants Everywhere’

John Kerry Rages Against Paris Deal Pullout: ‘People Are Going to Die Because of the Decision Donald Trump Made’

John Kerry Wishes ‘Complete Fool’ Greg Gutfeld a Happy Veterans Day

Nikki Haley Blasts ‘Anti-American’ John Kerry: ‘Disrespectful’ and ‘Hurtful’ to the Country

Mike Pompeo Tears Into John Kerry For His Iran Criticism: He Needs to ‘Get Off the Stage’

Fox & Friends Guest Host: Trump Admin Might File Criminal Charges Against John Kerry

John Kerry Unleashes On Trump: He Has The ‘Insecurity of a Teenage Girl’

John Kerry Trolls Trump With Plug for His New Book: ‘I Recorded the Audio Version, Not Omarosa’

Fox News’ Dana Perino Presses John Kerry on if He Told Iran to Wait Out Trump Presidency

John Kerry Reacts to NYT Op-Ed: ‘What It Really Means is We Don’t Have a President’

After NYT Op-Ed, John Kerry Says ‘This Is a Genuine Constitutional Crisis’

John Kerry Mockingly Responds to Infowars Over Strange Hurricane Conspiracy Theory

John Kerry Shocked Over Trump’s Helsinki Remarks: ‘I Don’t Buy His Walk Back for One Second’

John Kerry Trolls Trump in Abu Dhabi: ‘We Won’t Win…By Going It Alone’

John Kerry Slams Trump Decision on Iran Deal, Defends His ‘Normal Conversations’ With World Leaders

Ex-CIA Officer Compares John Kerry to Taliban For Efforts to Save Iran Deal

Outnumbered Blasts John Kerry Over ‘Shadow Diplomacy’: ‘It Makes Him The Jane Fonda of The Middle East’

Trump Slams John Kerry Over Nuclear Deal: ‘Shadow Diplomacy’ With Iran ‘Possibly Illegal’

John Kerry Is Reportedly Trying To Salvage the Iran Deal By Secretly Meeting With World Leaders

John Kerry: Trump’s Rhetoric Has ‘Given North Korea Reason to Say’ They Need a Bomb

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