John Kerry

John Kerry: Trump’s Rhetoric Has ‘Given North Korea Reason to Say’ They Need a Bomb

Can’t Wait For Charlie Rose To Press Catholic Democrats On Their Positions On Abortion

Kerry: Trump Saying He’ll Negotiate Better Climate Deal Is Like O.J. Saying He’ll ‘Find the Real Killer’

‘Put America Last’: John Kerry Buries Trump After Paris Climate Accord Withdrawal

Kerry Jokes in Commencement About How to Have an Impact on Gov’t: ‘Learn Russian’

State Department: John Kerry Will Not Attend Friday’s Inauguration

Amanpour to Kerry: Isn’t Trump Right That U.S. Relationship With Russia Has Been Bad?

John Kerry: ‘Inappropriate’ for Trump to Be ‘Stepping Into the Politics of Other Countries’

Part 3 – Before She Was The Rachel Maddow: The Best Of The Maddow-Tucker Carlson Debates

Townhall Columnist Invokes Auschwitz Over John Kerry Speech; Auschwitz Responds

Incoming Democratic Sen. Leader Schumer: Kerry May Have ‘Emboldened Extremists on Both Sides’

‘I Would Like to Finish Just One Sentence’: Ron Dermer, CNN’s Sciutto Clash Over Israel

‘Seems to be a Moral Equivalence Argument Being Made’: Tapper Confronts Ben Rhodes Over Kerry Speech

John Kerry: Russian Cyberattack Had ‘Profound Impact on Our System’

‘You’re Proving My Point’: Jake Tapper Grills Israeli Minister Over UN Resolution on Settlements

Kerry: Trump’s Tweets ‘Having an Impact on Allies’

‘Deep Disappointment’: Netanyahu Slams Kerry’s ‘Unbalanced’ Speech on Israel

Donald Trump’s Pick For CIA Director Likes Tweet Calling John Kerry a ‘Traitor’

‘John Kerry is Simply Not Telling the Truth’: Conservatives Rail Against Kerry’s Speech on Israel

Kerry Admits US Coordinated With UN Security Council on Israeli Settlement Resolution

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