Chris Matthews Slams Bernie Sanders In Loaded Question to Biden Advocate John Kerry: ‘How Big a Danger Would He Be to the Country?’


During an interview with Biden campaign surrogate John Kerry, MSNBC’s Chris Matthews took a direct shot at Biden’s top 2020 rival Bernie Sanders with a loaded question to the former secretary of state, asking “How big a danger would he be to the country or to the party?”

Matthews, after a conversation with Kerry about President Donald Trump’s Iran policy, then pivoted to domestic politics. But his first question to the Biden advocated — who has been traveling on the Biden campaign bus through Iowa this week — betrayed a strong distaste for the progressive Independent senator from Vermont, who he not-so-subtly cast a highly risk choice to be the Democratic nominee.

“You get the wrong candidate, you might lose the whole thing,” Matthews said as a prelude. “What about Bernie Sanders, do you think he’s a danger as a president, as a candidate? You’re out there fighting like hell for Joe Biden. How much a danger is Bernie Sanders who is now leading in the polls in the latest poll out there in Iowa, how big a danger would he be to the country or to the party, the Democrats?”

Kerry, offered up this softball, at first indicated he would not take a swing at Sanders.

“Well, Chris, I made a vow to myself that in coming out here, I’m not going to be drawing distinctions between the candidates. That’s up to them,” he said. However, Kerry followed up that comment a few moments later with him doing exactly that. “One of the reasons I think Bernie and others are criticizing him is because they know they don’t have what he has, which is eight years of experience as the top surrogate for the President of the United States.”

Matthews, however, did press Kerry for an explanation about Biden’s support for the Iraq war. “Where do you stand? You voted for the authorization. How do you deal with that charge from Bernie?”

“I think Bernie is striking out at Joe because he doesn’t have all of the things that I just listed, the qualifications of having had eight years sitting on the National Security Council and working as effectively as he did with countries all around the world,” Kerry began. “I think that Joe obviously acknowledged because of what happened, it was a mistake. He made up for that with his leadership and the effort to get us out of Iraq, bring the troops home and deal with the, with the fake or badly interpreted contrived evidence that was put forward with respect to what was happening in Iraq at the time. And everybody now knows that it wasn’t a slam dunk.”

“And as a result, Joe and I and a whole bunch of others opposed the war once George Bush decided to go,” Kerry said, before quickly adding “notwithstanding the vote.”

Sanders, by contrast, voted against the authorization, which was based on faulty WMD intelligence, and opposed the Iraq war from the outset.

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