John Kerry Denies ‘F*cking False’ Report He’s Contemplating Presidential Run to Stop Bernie Sanders


Former Secretary of State John Kerry denied an NBC News report, Sunday, which claimed an analyst had overheard him in Iowa contemplating a presidential run to stop Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) from winning the nomination.

According to NBC News, Kerry’s was “overheard by an NBC News analyst” talking on the phone at the Renaissance Savery hotel about minimizing “the possibility of Bernie Sanders taking down the Democratic Party.”

He reportedly noted during the call “that in order to run, he’d have to step down from the board of Bank of America and give up his ability to make paid speeches,” and “said donors like venture capitalist Doug Hickey would have to ‘raise a couple of million,’ adding that such donors ‘now have the reality of Bernie.'”

Kerry denied the report, however, posting on Twitter, “As I told the reporter, I am absolutely not running for President.”

“Any report otherwise is fucking (or categorically) false,” he declared, adding, “I’ve been proud to campaign with my good friend Joe Biden, who is going to win the nomination, beat Trump, and make an outstanding president.”

Kerry took down the tweet and reposted his statement without the f-bomb:

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