José Díaz-Balart

Woman Astronaut Speaking at RNC Tonight Won’t Endorse Trump

MSNBC Forced to Cut Off Interview After Fire Alarm Goes Off

What Time Does the MSNBC Democratic Town Hall Begin?

How to Watch the MSNBC Democratic Town Hall Live Stream Online

WH Spox Jen Psaki Won’t Say Whether Obama Thinks ISIS is ‘Existential Threat’

Latino Advocacy Group Criticizes MSNBC for Reportedly Trimming José Díaz-Balart’s Show

Source: Díaz-Balart to Remain on MSNBC Weekdays, But Loses 2nd Hour of The Rundown

Boxer: Planned Parenthood Debate ‘Not About Abortion,’ But a War on ‘Women’s Health’

Fired Gay Boy Scout Leader: ‘Berlin Wall’ Just Came Down

Perez Hilton to MSNBC: Right-Wing ‘Extremists’ Using Memories Pizza to ‘Deflect from Real Issues’

MSNBC’s Díaz-Balart Grills Obama: Did You Delay on Immigration for Politics?

Obama at Immigration Town Hall: At Some Point, There Will Be a ‘President Rodriguez’

MSNBC’s Ronan Farrow Defends YouTube Interviews: Obama Needs Those Viewers

José Díaz-Balart Can Corner Obama and Enrage Coulter; What Can He Do for MSNBC?

Republican Praises MSNBC Host from House Floor

MSNBC’s Díaz-Balart Discusses 2013 Interview with Obama over Legality of Immigration Actions

MSNBC Hosts Rationalize Dem Losses: Not Standing with Obama Is ‘Not a Good Look’

MSNBC’s Daily Rundown Expanded to 2 Hours with José Díaz-Balart Hosting

MSNBC’s José Díaz-Balart: There’s ‘Hunger for Authenticity and Voices’ on Cable News

Chris Matthews Draws Parallel Between ISIS Terrorists and Poor Black Kids

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