Julie Roginsky

Bill Shine Fired Me, Now I’m Ready to Defend Him

Fox Contributor Julie Roginsky Snarks On Murdoch Memo About Fostering a Good Work Environment

’Who Do I Sue?’: Geraldo Rivera Responds to Getting Name Checked in Roginsky’s Lawsuit

Julie Roginsky Talks Susan Rice on Fox; No Mention of Sexual Harassment Lawsuit

WATCH: In Old Clip, Julie Roginsky Says Coming Forward Against Sexual Harassment Can Inspire Others

Twitter Trolls Come to Fox’s Defense, Slam Julie Roginsky

Julie Roginsky Tweets Thanks to Supporters After Filing Lawsuit Against Fox, Ailes

Lawyer Repping Roger Ailes Says Julie Roginsky’s Harassment Claims Are ‘Total Hogwash’

’Yeah, Just Imagine…’: Fox’s Roginsky Hits Trump Admin Members For FBI Investigation Hypocrisy

Oops: Fox’s Julie Roginsky Says Baldwin’s Russian ‘Make America Great Again’ Hat is Mistranslated

Fox’s Roginsky: If Romney Takes Job, He’ll Have to Say Something That Sounds Like an Apology

‘You Want to Drain the Swamp? Start With Rudy Giuliani’: Fox’s Outnumbered Goes Off on Trump Appointments

Megyn Kelly Battles Trump Defender: ‘Generally Predators Don’t Do It To Guy Friends’

Fox Host Laughs at Eric Trump After he Claims His Father Came From ‘Just About Nothing’

Julie Roginsky Ruthlessly Challenges Harris Faulkner Over Trump’s Birtherism Flip-Flops

Fox’s Roginsky Admits Clinton’s Email Server Was a Mistake, but Says She’s Still Better Than Trump

Fox’s Roginsky Challenges Pro-Trump Bolling Over Taxes: If It Were Clinton, ‘You’d Demand’ Release

Julie Roginsky Delivers Measured Opinion on Trump: He Can’t Pivot, Will ‘Go Off the Deep End’

Outnumbered Hosts Get Shot Down After Trying to Downplay Trump’s Pandering to Russia

Outnumbered Hosts Unite Over Fury At Lack of Accountability in Brock Turner Assault Sentence

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