Keystone XL

‘Transparent Ploy’: Stewart Rips Dems for Selling Out on Keystone

Maddow Rips Dems on Keystone: ‘What on Earth Were They Thinking?’

MSNBC Reporter Asks Sen. Mary Landrieu: ‘Are You a Lost Cause?’

‘Build the Damn Thing’: George W. Bush Urges Obama to Complete Keystone XL Pipeline

Environmental Protesters Heckle Obama During Healthcare Rally Speech

Van Jones Rips GOP, Likens Keystone Pipeline To Heroin Needle

Chris Wallace Grills David Plouffe Over Energy Policy: Obama Criticized Bush For Gas Prices In ’08

Report: Obama Administration To Reject Keystone XL Pipeline

Mike Gallagher Defends Keystone XL Pipeline: ‘We’re Just Polluting A Little Bit Of Water!’

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