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Leon Panetta

Fmr CIA Director Panetta: The Way Trump Behaves, It’s a ‘Clear Signal That The Russians Have Something On Him’

Tapper Awkwardly Corrects Leon Panetta For Saying ‘Mentally Retarded’ People Shouldn’t Have Guns

Ex-CIA Head Panetta: Trump Needs to Stop Looking for ‘Scapegoats’ Like Obama

Leon Panetta Sounds the Alarm on North Korea: Biggest Crisis Facing U.S. Since Cuban Missile Crisis

Leon Panetta on Latest Comey Revelations: ‘No Question That It Smacks of Obstruction’

‘You Are President of the United States’: Leon Panetta Blasts Trump For Acting ‘Emotionally’

Leon Panetta Completely Shreds Trump: ‘Loose Cannon’ Who ‘Needs Some Grown Ups Around Him’

Panetta on Trump’s Wiretapping Tweets: ‘Everyone Is Asking What the Hell Is Going On’

Ex-CIA Head Leon Panetta: Seemed Like Trump Forgot He Was President When He Spoke at CIA

Democrats Chant ‘No More War!’ During Ex-CIA Head Panetta’s DNC Speech

Ex-CIA Head Panetta Questions Trump’s Loyalty to U.S. After Russia Remarks

Clinton Camp Rolls Out ‘Smart Leadership’ Video In Time for Big Benghazi Week

Andrea Mitchell Grills Panetta on Yemen: ‘What Kind of Success Story Is This?’

Eric Holder Slams Leon Panetta: His Obama Criticism Is ‘Unfortunate’

Peggy Noonan Trashes Panetta Book: ‘Obnoxious,’ ‘Catty,’ ‘Dumb and Grinding’

Leon Panetta: My Criticism of Obama Foreign Policy Does Not Mean He Is Weak

MSNBC Host on Panetta’s Obama Criticism: ‘He’s Selling a Book’

Stewart Asks Panetta to Explain Confused White House Strategy on ISIS

Leon Panetta Defends Hillary from ‘Unfair’ Benghazi Criticisms on O’Reilly

O’Reilly Grills Leon Panetta: Hasn’t Obama’s Foreign Policy Been a Failure?

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