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Mary Katharine Ham

Mary Katharine Ham Zings Pelosi Over House Chamber Dress Code Controversy

‘Such a Cop-Out!’ Mary Katharine Ham Calls Out Harlan Hill for Blaming Congress on Trump’s Issues

Sparks Fly On CNN As April Ryan Goes at it With Republican Panelists Over Comey Coverage

Mary Katharine Hams It Up on Absentee Comey Sacking: ‘Even Meat Loaf’ Got Fired by Trump in Person

CNN’s Mary Katharine Ham: I’m Bothered By Suggestion That Ryan Owens’ Widow Was ‘Only a Political Prop’

‘One Of The Mind Numbing Things Of This Campaign’: CNN’s John King On Trump Keeping Negative Stories Alive

Trump Ruled Out This One Conservative Pundit as a Potential Debate Moderator

In DC? Please Help Mary Katharine Ham Find Her Husband’s Hat in Terminal B

Conservative Female Journalists Call on Trump on Fire Corey Lewandowski

Fox News Contributor Mary Katharine Ham Jumps to CNN, Makes Debut with Tapper

Mary Katharine Ham Returns to Fox News to Open Up About Her Husband’s Death

Mary Katharine Ham Posts Heartfelt Message Announcing Death of Her Husband

Fox Host Hits Obama for Saying ‘YOLO’ After ISIS Killed Kayla Mueller

Juan Williams: It’s Fair for Obama to Criticize Fox News over Benghazi

‘I Just Freaking Answered It!’ Mary Katharine Ham Clashes with O’Reilly Again over Pot

‘You’re Babbling!’ O’Reilly Battles Mary Katharine Ham, Juan Williams over Legalizing Pot

O’Reilly Goes Ballistic Over Denver Post Hiring Pot Editor: They’re ‘Promoting Intoxication!’

O’Reilly’s Provocative Question To Panel: If Zimmerman’s Acquitted, Will Violence Erupt In The Streets?

Bill O’Reilly Blows Up At Juan Williams Over SCOTUS DOMA Ruling: States Rights Excuse Is ‘B.S.!’

O’Reilly Gets In Shouting Match With Juan Williams Over IRS: ‘You’ve Been Pretty Crazy Lately’

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