Sorry, CNN: 2014 Was Safest Year on Record for Flying

Obama Increases Sanctions Against Russia: This ‘Is Not a New Cold War’

Malaysia Airlines Seriously Considering Changing Its Name

Fox & Friends: Maybe if Ukraine Built Nice Golf Course, Obama Would Care

Dutch Mayor Suggests Putin’s Daughter Should Be Deported, Apologizes

AP Accidentally Tweets Plane Carrying MH17 Bodies Crash Lands (UPDATED)

Cuomo Interview with RT Anchor Explodes: ‘You’re Supposed to Be a Journalist!’

Reporter Apologizes for Crossing ‘Boundaries of Decency’ in MH17 Report

Inspectors Find MH17 Cockpit Inexplicably Sawed in Half

NY Times Exec Editor Defends Jarring Front-Page Photo of MH17 Victim

Colbert Strives to Make His MH17 Coverage More Tasteful than Fox’s

Letterman Calls on SEAL Team Six to Kill ‘Psychopath’ Putin

CNN Reporter Removed over ‘Scum’ Tweet Asks Whether U.S.’s MH17 Evidence Is ‘Credible’

Stewart Tackles MH17, Indirectly Responds to Everyone Yelling at Him About Israel

‘That’s Bull!’ Fox Hosts Brawl over Sending Americans to Secure MH17 Site

Ingraham Wonders if Obama Trying to ‘Divert Attention’ from Border Using MH17, Israel

Ukrainian Rebels Reportedly Agree to Hand MH17’s Black Boxes to Malaysia

Malaysia Airlines Re-Routes Flight Away from Ukraine to Over Syria

President Obama Calls for Putin to ‘Get Serious’ on Ukraine

Australia’s Prime Minister Is Pretty Damn Pissed at Vladimir Putin

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