Omarosa Manigault Newman

Omarosa Tells The View Why She Think’s Mike Pence’s Chief of Staff Wrote NY Times Op-Ed

Omarosa on The View: Trump World Will Probably Applaud When They Hear N-Word Tape

Omarosa Drops New Tape, Apologizes For Being ‘Co-Conspirator’ in Robbing Election From Hillary Clinton

Omarosa Tells MSNBC She Wasn’t Alone in Secretly Recording WH Conversations: ‘There are Others’

Omarosa Says ‘Silent Army’ in Trump Admin Used #TFA for 25th Amendment ‘A Lot’: ‘I Have Those Texts’

Omarosa Pulls Plug on Bonkers Interview After Being Called a ‘Backstabbing Weasel’: ‘You’re a Hater!’

Did MSNBC Really Put Omarosa on Air to Reveal a ‘Tape’ of Michael Cohen Boarding a Plane?

Omarosa Goes on MSNBC to Drop Bombshell Tapes of Her…Getting a Job Offer From the Trump Campaign

Former Trump Adviser David Bossie: Omarosa is ‘Committing Treason’ Against the ‘Man Who Created Her’

Charles Blow: If Trump’s N-Word Tape is Real, ‘It Might Actually Increase His Support’

Seth Meyers Destroys Trump For Calling Omarosa a ‘Dog’: A ‘Racist With a Rotted-Out Soul’

Fox News’ Ed Henry Confronts Katrina Pierson: Do You Raise Your Son to Call Women Dogs?’

Brian Kilmeade: Omarosa ‘Outsmarted’ President Trump Who Has ‘Taken the Bait’

Sarah Sanders Rips Media For ‘Elevating’ Omarosa: Press Has ‘Done More to Divide this Country’ Than Trump

Sarah Sanders: ‘I Can’t Guarantee’ There’s No Tape of Trump Using N-Word

Omarosa Claims Trump Often Grabbed, Kissed Women Without Permission: ‘Any Time He Wanted’

Fox News Contributor Jessica Tarlov: Trump’s Potential Use of N-Word is ‘Baked In’

Geraldo Bashes ‘Friend’ Trump For ‘Intemperate, Boorish’ Slams on Omarosa: ‘Open to Ugly Connotation’

Brian Stelter on Trump’s ‘Dehumanizing’ Attacks on Omarosa: Americans Will Look Back ‘With Shame’

Fox News Anchor Cites Her Sister ‘Who Worked on The Apprentice‘ to Refute Trump’s Alleged Use of N-Word

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