Omarosa Rips ‘Not Stable’ Trump: McCain Attacks Show He Can Be ‘Triggered,’ He Shouldn’t Have the Nuclear Codes


Former reality star villain and Trump White House staffer Omarosa Manigault Newman sat down with Chris Matthews on MSNBC to talk about President Donald Trump‘s latest Twitter attacks on the late Sen. John McCain.

In a nutshell, she said the man once claimed to be a “very stable genius” is not so stable at all.

Manigault Newman started off on Wednesday night by saying Trump is “obsessed” with the late Senator because “he’ll never be the hero McCain is.”

She then suggested Trump was not trying to be POTUS. He was trying to be third season reality star instead.

“We’re watching the third season of the Trump reality TV show and what happens in the third season is you turn the hero into the heel and you have a plot twist and he keeps repeating these themes over and over again,” she posited.

“And it’s going to get more and more bizarre because he’s not trying to become the best president, he’s trying to be the best reality star and that’s what we’re seeing in this bizarre behavior from Donald Trump.”

Manigault Newman then warned that Trump is not stable and easily triggered.

“You know what the problem is? It shows he’s not stable and he really should not have access to the nuclear codes if a tweet can trigger him or even the thought of someone deceased can send him off the rails the way he is,” she said.

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