A Fake Ryan Gosling Accepted an Award for La La Land as Part of an Elaborate Prank

Drudge Reported Fake Video of Black Men Vandalizing ‘Trump Car’ As Actual News

Cut Off From Internet, Julian Assange Has Man With Bullhorn Shout the News to HIm

Golfer Hits Ball Through The Legs of a Friend Standing Directly in Front of Him

Local Hero Papers L.A. Zoo With Fake Animal Facts

Someone Hacked a Digital California Traffic Sign to Read ‘Vote Donald Trump’

Philly Pranksters Faked Security Footage of HitchBOT’s Death and Everyone Fell for It

Anderson Cooper Addresses Candle Prank, Cancels Staff Christmas Party

Arrested Man Plays Classic Pizza Prank on Cops

Last Call: What A Steal!

Top Chef Prank War In Real Life Results In $60,000 Check At Chicago’s Moto

Grandmother Takes On Justin Bieber For Tweeting Her Phone Number

Rep. Weiner Has ‘Retained Counsel,’ Considering ‘Civil Or Criminal Actions’

Google’s Annual April Fools Pranks Are Kind Of Cute This Year

Bush “Miss Me Yet?” Billboard Mystery Solved: It’s All the Internet’s Fault

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