press freedom

Times Square New Year’s Eve to Honor Journalists and Press Freedom

Trump’s Latest ‘Fake News’ Attack Has Media in an Uproar: Kim’s Our Friend Now, Journalists Are the ‘Real Threat’

CNN’s Jake Tapper Asks: Is Trump Escalating Obama’s ‘War on Leaks’?

CNN’s Christiane Amanpour Warns Trump’s Threats Empower Dictators to ‘Beat up Against the Press’

McCain Penns Op-Ed Blasting Trump for ‘Unrelenting Attacks’ on the Press

Committee to Protect Journalists ‘Awards’ Trump for ‘Undermining Global Press Freedom’

Michael Moore: The Press Has to Band Together Because Trump Will ‘Attack the Truth-Tellers’

NYT’s James Risen: Obama WH Has Been ‘The Most Anti-Press Administration’ Since Nixon

CNN’s Amanpour Fears the Press Faces ‘Existential Crisis’ Under Trump

University of London Students Vote to Ban Newspapers For ‘Sexist’ and ‘Islamaphobic’ Stories

Media Critic: Trump’s Attacks on the Press Are Bad, Obama’s Are Worse

Jorge Ramos: Only People Who Have Denied Me Press Access Are Trump, Fidel Castro

Saudi Official Fired for Slapping Photographer; At Least Some Press Freedom Still Exists

James Risen Rips Holder on Twitter: Leaves Behind ‘Wrecked First Amendment’

Reporter Compares House Dem Retreat to ‘Police State’: They Followed Us to Bathroom

USA Today DC Chief: Obama WH ‘More Dangerous’ to Press than Previous Admins

NY Times’ Risen: ‘I Think Obama Hates the Press’

NY Times Reporter: Obama WH ‘Greatest Enemy of Press Freedom’ Today

FCC Commissioner Speaks Out: ‘Government Doesn’t Have a Place in the Newsroom’

FCC Chief Addresses Controversy over Proposed Study in U.S. Newsrooms

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