Rachel Jeantel

Rachel Jeantel Blames Herself for Letting George Zimmerman Walk Free

Into The Fire: Rachel Jeantel Tells Radio Host Ricky Smiley She Wants To Be A Lawyer

Larry Elder Explodes At Piers Over Zimmerman: You’re Condescending, ‘Stupid,’ Should Be Ashamed Of Yourself!

Sharpton Talks ‘Cultural Disconnect’ With Jeantel: I ‘Understood’ That’s ‘Just The Way Some Of Y’all Talk’

Limbaugh Takes On Rachel Jeantel: She Basically Admitted Trayvon Was ‘Ass-Whooping Zimmerman’

Al Sharpton Interviews Rachel Jeantel: ‘Star Witness’ Reveals Her Thoughts On Zimmerman’s Attorneys

Yes, Rachel Jeantel Did Think It Was ‘Racist’ When Rush Limbaugh Said ‘N*gga’

The Five Takes On Cooper’s ‘Excellent’ Juror B37 Interview, Piers Morgan’s ‘Insulting’ Chat With Jeantel

The 7 Most Shocking Reactions To Verdict From People At Center Of The Zimmerman Trial

‘A Fox News Watcher’: Ejection Of Black Zimmerman Juror Over Ideology Embarrasses Race-Obsessed Pundits

Rush Limbaugh: Thanks To Rachel Jeantel I Can Say ‘N*gga With An A’ Now Because ‘It’s Not Racist’

Rachel Jeantel Tells Piers She And Trayvon Feared Zimmerman Might Be Rapist

Piers Morgan Tangles With CNN Guest Over Whether Post-Zimmerman Debate Should Be About Gun Control

Rachel Jeantel Explains The Difference Between ‘N*gga’ And ‘N*gger’ To Piers Morgan

Piers Morgan Conducts Riveting Interview With Trayvon Martin’s Friend, Witness Rachel Jeantel

George Zimmerman’s Now-Defunct MySpace Page Referenced ‘Mexican…Soft-Ass Wannabe Thugs’

As George Zimmerman Prosecution Implodes, A Media Invested In His Guilt Grows More Shrill

Star Jones Tears Apart Jeantel Critics: ‘Appalling’ ‘Misogynistic Tactics’ For Female Pundits To ‘Mean Girl Her’

MSNBC Guest: Offensive Instagram By Zimmerman’s Lawyer’s Daughter An ‘Unfortunate Incident,’ But Irrelevant

WSJ’s James Taranto On Media’s Emotional Investment In Racial ‘Show Trial’ Of Zimmerman

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