Limbaugh Takes On Rachel Jeantel: She Basically Admitted Trayvon Was ‘Ass-Whooping Zimmerman’

Rush Limbaugh today highlighted one aspect of Piers Morgan‘s compelling interview with Trayvon Martin friend Rachel Jeantel that he said isn’t getting much play in the media: Jeantel’s admission that Trayvon was the aggressor in his confrontation with Zimmerman. Limbaugh mocked Jeantel for claiming that Zimmerman’s life wasn’t in danger because there’s a difference between beating someone to death and “whoop-ass,” declaring that “whoop-ass is an offensive maneuver.”

After calling Martin homophobic for Jeantel’s claim that she and Martin both were worried that Zimmerman was a gay rapist, Limbaugh said Jeantel “accidentally, inadvertently” admitted that Martin was the aggressor, and not Zimmerman, which is what Zimmerman’s defense was trying to prove. Limbaugh ran audio of Jeantel explaining that in her neighborhood, when people bloody other people up, “that’s not bashing, that’s just called whoop-ass.”

Limbaugh hailed this as going against everything liberals and the “civil rights gang” are trying to push, namely that Martin was the one getting his ass whooped. He mockingly declared, “The new school: you either get bashed or you get killed, and when you get bashed it’s whoop-ass.”

He also noted how Morgan attempted to “save the day” by carefully walking back what Jeantel was saying, and concluded, “Nobody does whoop-ass in self-defense. Whoop-ass is an offensive maneuver.”

This all comes on the heels of Limbaugh deriding Jeantel for splitting the difference between “n*gger” and “n*gga” and deciding he can say the latter, which didn’t exactly sit well with Jeantel.

Listen to the audio below:


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