Red Hen

Red Hen Reopens to Fully Booked House Nearly Two Weeks After Booting Sarah Sanders

Howard Kurtz Slams ‘Vitriol from Anti-Trump Commentators’ Cheering Red Hen for Booting Sarah Sanders

Fox News Sends Top DC Reporter to Red Hen For Two Days to Report Absolutely Nothing

DC’s Red Hen Fends Off Nasty Messages, Threats After Being Confused for the Other Red Hen

Sarah Sanders Opens Briefing by Addressing Red Hen: Calls for Harassing Trump Officials ‘Unacceptable’

Mike Huckabee Says Owner of Red Hen Followed Sanders Family to Another Restaurant to Start a Protest

Glenn Beck Says Red Hen Owner Has ‘Every Right’ to her ‘Moral Stance’

Trump Weighs in on Sarah Sanders Restaurant Flap: ‘Dirty’ Red Hen Needs to Clean ‘its Filthy Canopies’

Democratic Rep. Elijah Cummings Says Red Hen Owner Should Have Served Sarah Sanders

Fox & Friends Defends Sarah Sanders, Slams Restaurant: ‘The Left Has Gone and Lost Their Mind!’

Former Ethics Chief Calls Sarah Sanders Tweet About Getting Booted from Red Hen ‘Clear Violation’ of Ethics Rules

Red Hen Yelp-Bombed With One and Five Star Reviews After Owner Boots Sarah Sanders

Red Hen Owner Who Booted Sarah Sanders Speaks Out: Would ‘Absolutely’ Do it Again

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