Rick Snyder

Obama Drinks Filtered Water in Flint to Assure People It’s Safe

Three Gov’t Employees Are Facing Criminal Charges Over Flint Water Crisis

Michigan Gov. Says He’ll Drink Filtered Flint Water for a Month; People Unimpressed

Must See: Rep. Elijah Cummings Tears Gov. Snyder Several New Ones Over Flint Crisis

Hillary Calls for Michigan Gov’s Resignation an Hour After Her Spox Slammed Bernie for Same

Wilmore Rips ‘Special Asshole’ Gov. Snyder For Worrying About Public Image Over Water Crisis

Governor of State Where Citizens Are Being Poisoned Gives Wife Obnoxiously Lavish Birthday Party

The People Got Ignored: How I Watched a Humanitarian Crisis Develop in Flint, Michigan

CNN’s Harlow Grills Michigan Governor on Flint: ‘Why Did It Take So Long’ for You to Act?

The Governor of Michigan Releases All of His Flint Water Crisis Emails

Michigan Governor Admits Flint Water Crisis Is His ‘Katrina’

Michigan’s GOP Governor Says He Would Veto Religious Freedom Bill

Ed Schultz Identifies Detroit’s Fatal Flaw: City Became A ‘Conservative Utopia’

NBC’s David Gregory Challenges MI Governor Rick Snyder: Auto Companies Got Federal Bailout, Why Not Detroit?

Judge Halts Bankruptcy Filing That Is ‘Not Honoring’ Obama: ‘I Know He’s Watching This’

Melissa Harris-Perry’s Delusional Assessment Of Detroit: Happens When Gov’t ‘Small Enough To Drown’ In Tub

American Idiots: Who Is Really To Blame For Republican Election-Rigging Schemes?

Morning Joe Liberals Can’t Explain Why Joe Scarborough Is Anti-Union For Supporting ‘Right To Work’

Morning Joe Panel Stunned As Gov. Rick Snyder Asserts ‘Right To Work’ Is Not ‘Anti-Union’

Jon Stewart Channels Eminem To Give Chanting Advice To Michigan Union Protestors

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